Hey, I'm Josh Balfour

Full Stack Web Developer, iOS developer & Business Intelligence Consultant

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I go to loads of Hackathons

DriveByDonations @ Hack4Good Dublin 2013
WiMap @ Y-Hack, Yale University, New Haven, USA 2013
UberHack @ Hackference 2013
London JS Nodecopter 2014
MPinder @ RewiredState Hack the Government 2014
iOScon Hackathon London 2014
QuickStatus @ AppHack London 2013
MobileRescue @ Hack4Good London 2013

I've Developed...

TheBestS**t is a website created for DJ 3LAU to promote his latest release: How You Love Me

(and an excuse to mess with the JavaScript audio APIs)

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Blynk is a 1 second looping video sharing app

for when the moment deserves more than just a photo

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birthdayplaylist.me takes your birthday and makes a Spotify playlist of every UK number 1 from every birthday since you've been born

(an idea I saw someone Facebooked and I riffed on)

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Snappt is an instant social camera app, one tap and what's in front of you is on your favourite social networks

(The website works 100% all the way down to IE6)

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