Josh Balfour

Full-Stack Web & App Developer

Principal Software Engineer, Reapit

Prev: Lead Engineer, HomeHero

I'm lucky enough to work with some amazing people on a bunch of awesome projects, here are a few:

Ultima is an open source cloud platform, featuring built-in CI/CD, and local dev environment.

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Ben Van Enkevort
Rich Vibert
Shad Jahangir
Georgia Iacavou
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Metomic is a privacy startup, offering a cookie widget and various privacy-centric products.

Metomic Cookie Widget - The only cookie solution designed with great UX in mind | Product Hunt Embed Check it out

Split This

Shad Jahangir
Sam Ballard
Elliott Coleman
Georgia Iacavou

Split This is a social cost splitting app for iOS and Android.

Designed by Shad and Sam, and built from the ground up in react native, with a serverless backend.

Split This is coming soon to iOS and Android

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Shad Jahangir
Sam Ballard
Georgia Iacavou

Packs is an addictive pattern matching game for iOS and Android.

Designed by Sam and Shad, and built from the ground up in react native, with a serverless backend.

Starting off as a side project, with a full time focus leading up to release early december 2018

Packs is out now on iOS and Android

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Cristina Nocito
Jason Schofield
Mark Progano

Actively is the only app that works across multiple studios and has everything you need to manage your favorite fitness classes.

Ellie is ready to help anytime you need, even outside the app. Send her a quick text to reschedule or cancel a class, get information about your studio packages or even get class times & book. She'll also send you reminders & timely info about your packages.

Actively is in active development, and launching later this year.

Featured on:

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Jeremy Evans
Matthew Morley
Jan Baykara was a voter advice site, developed in the 2 months leading up to the 2017 General Election.

It encourages everyone eligible to vote and informs voters on the policies of the running parties and offers a 12 question quiz to see which party you match with best.

We had over 2.4 million people complete the quiz over the 4 weeks running up to the General Election.

It's been covered by:

  • Buzzfeed
  • Ladbible
  • BBC (tv and online)
no longer available


James Moulding
David Dahlborn
Richard Barbrook
Rosa Carbó-Mascarell
Tim Phillips
Sam Ballard
Sam Wray
Federico Fasce
Kai Oliver
Adrian May
Shad Mughal

CorbynRun is a satirical game created in 3 weeks and released 2 weeks before the 2017 General Election.

It's available on the iOS and android app stores, and

We had 8 months total worldwide game-time and reached over 1.6 million people in the 2 weeks leading up to the election.

We had TV and news crews turn up at the house and places of work. It was crazy.

Covered by:

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